Development of Housing

by Ann Sandell


south road 1916The first houses built in on South Road the period after the completion and opening of the new railway in 1861 were the four cottages at the top near the station known initially as 'Mount Pleasant. Table 1 lists the occupants of these houses resident in the 1871 and 1881 Censuses who were employed on the railway. Most were senior employees. The small house in the Station Yard first appears in the 1881 Census when it was occupied by Mark Ellwood 'Rullyman' (carrier) from Mallerstang.









Table 1: Residents of 'Railway Cottages', South Road employed on the railway in the 1871 and 1881 Censuses
Cottage Number 1871 Census 1881 Census
Name Employment Birthplace Name Employment Birthplace
1 William Hogg Station Master West Auckland William Hogg Station Master West Auckland
2 George Lowis Porter Middleton-in-Teesdale William Hornby Railway Guard Ovington
3 Thomas Danby Inspector Osthmotherley Thomas Danby Inspector Osthmotherley
Thomas Danby Jnr. Engine Cleaner Stockton-on-Tees Thomas Danby Jnr Fireman Stockton-on-Tees
4 Richard Kirk Railway Police (signalman) Beverley Richard Kirk Inspector Beverley


South Road and High Street (near Town Head) was initially named Station Road and developed from the latter part of the nineteenth century and into the twentieth century as a pleasant residential area. Fortunately many of the houses built along the road were dated by the builders.
Many railway staff took advantage of this new superior housing. Table 2 summarises the dwellings constructed and those occupied by railwaymen in the 1881 Census (see also the separate page here on Park Terrace.)


Table 2. Housing in South Road showing occupancy by railwaymen in 1881
Property Date built Railwaymen resident in 1881
Number Name Employment
1 to 7 Southfield Terrace before 1881 No.1 William Archer Engine Driver
East View before 1881      
1 & 2 Station Road before 1881      
1 & 2 Southend View before 1881      
1 to 16 Westbrook Terrace before 1881 No 7 Robert Hewitson Engine Driver
No.9 Richard Dobson Engine Driver
No.15  John Moss Guard
1 & 2 South End Lane before 1881 No.1  Joseph Chapman Engine Driver
Rock Villa before 1891      
Fernleigh House before 1891      
New Mount Pleasant        
Standards Villa 1898      
Park Terrace 1895 see separate web page
Broackbank Terrace 1911      
Grey Gables 1916 1916      
Thorne Mount 1928