British Rail '2MT' 2-6-0 '78019'

78019In 1946 George (H.G.) Ivatt produced a modern design of 'mixed traffic' 2-6-0 for use on the LMS and after nationalisation these continued to be built for use on the newly formed British Railways. Thirteen of these locomotives constructed in 1951 were allocated to the Darlington Division to handle traffic across Stainmore and they were supplemented in 1954 by four of the 'British Rail' R.A. Riddles version of the design which was quite similar to the original Ivatt locomotive. Four of these engines, 78013, 78017, 78108 and 78019 were first based at Kirkby Stephen, where they survived until 1960. Later they were moved to Carlisle and then sheds in Lancashire and the North West with 78019 even working for a spell as station pilot at Euston. The locomotive was withdrawn from Crewe shed and sent to Dai Woodham's scrap yard at Barry from where she was rescued in 1973. For several years the engine was stored at the Severn Valley Railway but has finally been restored to working order at the Great Central Railway at Loughborough.
The locomotive is now owned by the Loughborough Standard Locomotive Group.
In February 1955 '78019' featured in the British Transport Films production 'Snowdrift at Bleathgill' when the locomotive, together with snowplough No.18 (also visiting Kirkby Stephen for the 'Stainmore 150' Celebrations) was sent to rescue sister Kirkby STephen locomotive '78018' from snowdrifts near Stainmore Summit. '78018' is now being restored by the Darlington Railway Preservation Society so perhaps one day both locomotives and Snowplough no.18 might still be reunited in Kirkby Stephen yard!