Buying Shares in the Stainmore Railway Company

The Stainmore Railway Company is a 'not-for-profit' Registered Company and one of the most practical ways in which you can help our project is to buy shares in the Company. Shareholders are entitled to vote at the AGM and receive other benefits too including free tickets to some events and having the opportunity of footplate rides.
You can buy shares in the Company whenever and in whatever quantity you wish. Even a nominal holding of just one share helps! You need to apply in writing. to do this you will need to print off and complete this form and sign it. Post it together with a cheque to the Company Secretary, Sue Jones, at Manor Cottage, 1 West End, SEDGEFIELD, TS21 2BW
If you would like to give ongoing support by buying more shares in the Company you can also set up a regular monthly or annual Standing Order. Annual Standing Order contributors receive their certificate in January of each year and monthly contributors receive their certificate in March of each year. The table below illustrates the number of shares available for different levels of contribution. For further information about this scheme please E-mail the Secretary at this address.
On the share application form you can also subscribe to the Stainmore Railway Company Quarterly Newsletter, which features many articles about the Stainmore Railway and Kirkby Stephen East. An annual subscription (four issues) costs £10 including postage.
Buying Stainmore Railway Company shares regularly by standing order
Number of shares per annum Monthly Standing Order Annual Standing Order
shares only with newsletter shares only with newsletter
3 £2.50 £3.25 £30.00 £40.00
6 £5.00 £5.75 £60.00 £70.00
12 £10.00 £10.75 £120.00 £130.00
18 £15.00 £15.75 £180.00 £190.00
24 £20.00 £20.75 £240.00 £250.00
30 £25.00 £25.75 £300.00 £310.00
36 £30.00 £30.50 £360.00 £370.00