Park Terrace, South Road

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Park Terrace, South Road soon after construction
The building of Park Terrace in South Road encapsulates the development of Kirkby Stephen due to the work and prosperity brought by the coming of the railway. Prior to the opening of Kirkby Stephen East Station, South Road was farmland down as far as Town Head Farm that marked the beginning of the southern edge of Kirkby Stephen. There was a toll cottage half-way up the hill on the side of the road which was knocked down next to where Thorne Mount house was built in 1928.
The centre four houses of Park Terrace were built in 1895 as indicated on the sandstone tablet with the rest of the terrace and the bottom pair of houses being added later. It is said that the builder built the last of the terraces with the larger southern end terrace for himself. When Park Terrace was built it marked the furthest development towards the station with Brockbank Terrace opposite built in 1911 and the other Victorian terraces of the southern end of South Road built later. There was also the new undercover auction mart and the Croglin Castle Hotel which catered for the railway visitors in its letting bedrooms and auction mart clientèle particularly for meals.


Heads of Households listed for Properties in Park Terrace, South Road, Kirkby Stephen in 1901 and 1905
1901 Census of Population 1905 Bulmer's Directory of Westmorland
Richard Parkin Railway Engine Fireman John Burrell  Engine Driver
John Burrell Engine Driver Richard Bushby Engine Driver
Richard Bushby Engine Driver James Metcalfe Railway Guard
Richard Sharpe Signalman Thomas Nicholson Engine Fitter
Mrs. Agnes Banson Independent Means William Wilkinson Steam Raiser
Edward Atkinson Roundsman Anthony Harrison Mason
Anthony Harrison Stone Mason Thomas Robinson Roadman
    Joseph Robinson Railway Clerk
    Miss Catherine Brown  
    Misses Mary and Barbara Day  


A modern view of Park Terrace showing how it was extended
In analysing information available from census returns we find that there are a large proportion of railway workers living in this newly built terrace conveniently situated near the station which must have also provided superior accommodation at the time. The other trades represent prosperity in the area with Mrs. Agnes Bushby also taking advantage by providing lodgings for railway workers as she has done for over ten years. It is also noticeable that railway workers have come down the line from Durham to work and live in Kirkby Stephen and marry local girls. There are also a percentage of locally born men who have taken employment with the railway.
  • William Wilkinson was born at Summerhouse, Darlington, Durham 1856 and lived with his parents and siblings at Stanhope Durham where his father, John Wilkinson, was a Railway Porter. William first appears in Kirkby Stephen lodging on Main Street (Market Street) as an Engine Cleaner. He marries a local girl, Margaret and is living in Eden Terrace (Hartley Road) in 1891 then an Engine Boiler Worker and later a Steam Raiser in 1901, Margaret dies in 1899.
  • Richard Bushby was born in 1843 at Danby Wiske, Yorkshire. In 1861, Richard is working as a Carter next to Gainsford, Durham Railway Station and first appears in Kirkby Stephen married to local girl Sarah Cleasby (daughter of George Cleasby) living on Main Street (Market Street). Sarah and Richard have four children George, William, Annie and Thomas. In 1901, Richard is an Engine Driver in High Street.
  • Misses Mary and Barbara Day are the daughters of John and Elizabeth (father Lancelot Steel) born 1859 and 1867 in Kirkby Stephen. After their father John dies their mother is a widow farming 12 acres and then has a Confectioners and Glazing business on Main Street (Market Street) Kirkby Stephen. An usual combination but her daughters take up Confectionery Baking and her sons Joinery and Glazing. After mother Elizabeth’s death in 1905 the two unmarried daughters now 35 and 42 move to Park Terrace still Confectionery Bakers in the town.
  • Thomas Nicholson was born 1874 Darlington Durham. 1891 sees father Thomas from Yorkshire (mother Sarah) as a labourer at the Iron Works living at 23 Henry Street, Darlington before becoming a Cartman living at 26 Eskdale Street, Darlington. Thomas Jnr. is an Engine Fitter at 17 and first appears in Kirkby Stephen in 1901 where he is a Steam Engine Fitter married to local girl Mary Anne Morgan Smith.
  • John Burrell was born Mar 1857, a Railway Engine Driver, he is a local boy from Winton. Parents William and Betty were farmers of 19 acres at Winton. Wife Mary Jane Pettit comes surprisingly from Southall Middlesex. Children Emily and Lizzie.
  • Joseph Robinson was born 1869 at Hinderwell, Yorkshire and first appears in Kirkby Stephen in 1891 as a Railway Porter and border living in Station Road. He marries Mary Jane Bonson from Brough and they have two children George and Frank by 1901. Joseph goes on to become a Railway Clerk.
  • James Metcalfe was a farmer’s son from Ravenstonedale where his parents Margaret and Richard Metcalfe farmed 30 acres in 1861. After a period as a servant in Ravenstondale, James joined the railway as a Railway Pilot Guard. James married Jane Whitelock, born 1855 Greystoke, Cumberland and had two sons James 1877 and Joseph 1881.
  • Thomas Robinson recorded as a Roadman (probably a Salesman) was previously a Grocer's Carter, born in 1848 at Hylton, just over the Durham border. Thomas appears up and down the Stainmore line during his life before moving to Kirkby Stephen with his wife Mary Ann and two remaining children Mary J aged 19 and Florence aged 6. Interestingly Mary is the Manageress of the Co-op Drapers Department. Thomas and Mary Ann had a further four children that do not appear to have lived with them in Kirkby Stephen. Thomas and his family have used the railway corridor to move and better themselves.
  • Miss Catherine Brown was born 1848 in Stafford and of independent means lives with her brother Danas Brown, Draper born in Kirkby Stephen in 1856. Catherine’s father George Brown had been a Solicitor’s Managing Clerk living at Cunningham House, Front Street, Kirkby Stephen in 1881.
  • Anthony Harrison was born in 1846 at Kirkby Stephen and was a Stone Mason. Anthony is likely to be the builder who built Park Terrace. Wife Ruth was born in 1843 Cumberland and daughter Amy Ruth was born 1876 at Kirkby Stephen. They had at least five other children. Anthony’s parents were local couple Thomas and Mary Harrison, Thomas was also a Stone Mason.
  • Richard Parkin a Railway Engine Fireman, was born 1875 at Swarth More, Lancashire (near Ulverston now Cumbria) Richard is married to Elizabeth, born 1870 at Thornaby, Yorkshire and they have a one year old son Harold.
  • Richard Sharpe born 1849 and his wife Ellen born 1851 came from Orton, Westmorland. Richard is a Railway Signalman and his three sons take jobs at the station, Jonathan born 1876, Railway Booking Clerk, Richard born, 1880 Railway Goods Clerk and Benjamin born 1885, Railway Telegraph Clerk . There is another younger son Thomas born 1888 still in education. Richard was the son of John and Agnes Sharpe who farmed 80 acres at Rayne, Raisbeck. This family demonstrates what the railway meant in providing employment for local sons possibly unable to support their growing families on the land.
  • Agnes Banson was born in 1832 Whertone, Ulverston, Lancashire (now Cumbria) and was of independent means living with her daughter Margaret born 1864 Brough, Westmorland. Agnes takes in railway workers as lodgers and1901 captures
  • Edward Hodgson born 1864 Shildon, Railway Engine Driver, William Wood born in 1880 Bryasleton, Durham Railway Engine Stoker and Tom Simpson born in 1873 Top cliff Park, Yorkshire Railway Brakesman. Agnes’ husband Thomas born 1824 on Stainmore had been a Farm Labourer at Augill Castle and previously Park House until he died in 1885. Three other children are recorded from Agnes’ marriage, Richard John, Mary Jane and Sarah Agnes. Agnes is a prime example of how a widow has been able to make a living from providing lodgings from railway workers since her husband’s death.
  • Edward Atkinson was born in Kirkby Stephen 1865 and wife Alice born in 1876 Horton, Yorkshire. Richard is a Roundsman (door to door Salesman). There is a step-son Charles Iveson born 1882 Kirkby Stephen who is the grandson of Retired Butcher John Iveson, the Ivesons also had a butchers business in Hawes. Edward appears to have a previous marriage to Ann. Edward and Alice have three sons of their own Holmes 1892, Arthur 1898 and Walter 1898.

Information taken from British Census returns 1851 to 1901

Ann Sandell


A modern view of the extended Park Terrace.
An early view of Park terrace taken about 1895