South Road Development - 2

The Auction Mart

Auction MartThe building situated north of the Croglin Castle Hotel is the old Auction Mart. A group of local farmers formed the Kirkby Stephen Farmers’ Auction Mart Company and built the Auction Mart opening in 1875. Previously animals were auctioned in pens in the streets of Kirkby Stephen. The new facility accommodated 34 cattle and pens for 500 sheep with a sale ring. Once sold, the animals could be transported by the railway and there were specially designed cattle trucks.
The opening sale attracted buyers from Preston, Clitheroe, Stockton, Darlington and Barnard Castle. Fat cattle ranged in price from £17.5s.0d. to £26.15s.0d with one bull fetching £29.15.0d. A few yearlings and ewes came close to £3, while lambs were between £1.7s.0d. and £1.16s.6d. The day finished with dinner at the Croglin Castle Hotel
A new Auction Mart was built at the other side of Bloody Bones Lane next to the current one and the old South Road site sold by auction on 26 November 1900. The building has been used over the years for various light industry and storage.


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